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Whenever we fit bathrooms we always use mastic sealant to seal the edges of a bath tub to ensure no water seeps down the side. This is important because if you don’t seal the edges you could end up damaging the room below the bathroom. We use mastic sealant at Pro Reno because it cures in an elastic state making it flexible however still keeping the bond of the surfaces attached together. We only use qualified time served sealant applicators to ensure a high level of finish through out, whether its bathrooms kitchens or even sealing windows and doors.

As well as mastic sealant being a strong sealant, it also has an exterior finish which is smooth and looks perfect when completing your dream bathroom. It also contains ultraviolet inhibitors to allow it to stay compose from the effects of the sun, this is something that will weaken other sealants. Mastic sealant is one of the best materials to use. We only use the best grade high modules sealants with anti fungus properties.

Why choose us?

Our team use high quality mastic sealant when necessary to complete jobs across the Yorkshire, our highest priority is to exceed our customers’ expectations, and deliver the best service possible.

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