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Plastering in Halifax

Also known as stucco when done on the outside, people want plaster on the walls as it makes the wall more waterproof. There is nothing new about plaster on walls, as it originated way back in the 17th century already.Plaster is still a very popular kind of wall interior finish and you can get an expert to do the job for you or you can turn it into a D.I.Y. project. When it comes to external walls, it becomes a bit more complicated and is referred to as rendering.


Decorative Appeal

There are various advantages associated with the use of plaster for walls and one of the most popular ones is its decorative appeal. By adding plaster to your walls, a sense of adornment comes about. Plaster adds design or texture to a room, however, the wall surface must be clean before you begin mixing and applying plaster.

With plastering Halifax, as the best contractors, we first consult with you to find out what your particular style is. As plasterers Halifax, we’re able to guide and advise on ideas, and once you give us the go ahead we can start with work immediately.

Halifax may well be found on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and its Winters can be icy cold, but that doesn’t deter plasterwork from going on ahead, however you want to avoid rendering during the Winter. Interior plaster work can be done at any time of the year.


A Variety of Stylish Options

As plasterers Halifax, we work quickly as with plaster, it doesn’t require it to be dried to apply multiple coatings. Plastering Halifax is all about variety. The choice of designs is endless, from cornices and columns to decorative plaster ceilings, archways, plaster fireplaces, decorative vents and much more. In fact, plaster can be cast in any shape and into modern contemporary styles far removed from the 17th century.

Plaster is also strong – in fact, the walls become stronger because of the chemical reaction which takes place when water escapes the plaster mixture. The installation procedure is easy too and you won’t have to contend with any dust and a wall can be plastered quickly. In busy office environments or in clinics and hospitals, plaster is beneficial too as it can absorb noise as well.

When you consider the durability, the aesthetic appeal of plaster and that it is so easy to install, small wonder that plastered walls offer such superb value.

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